December 29, 2010

{christmas memories - part 1}

It was lovely. For real. Christmas, this year, was one of the best since a long time. I know I didn’t blog since a long time, but I was busy planning every little detail. Please forgive me! Please? 

Christmas Eve is the BIG day in our family. So my son needed to wear his fanciest outfit. 

 And what a difference a year makes! Christmas 2009 & Christmas 2010.

I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures during the evening. I was so busy with the dinner and everything that I completely abandoned my camera. I really hope my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law took some. Gotta ask them and come back to post some if I’m lucky. 

I had a fantastic menu for the dinner. The table was beautiful. The drinks were awesome. The gifts were perfect. The family, I love so much. 

More to come.

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