January 4, 2011

{how to cure my christmas blues}

Christmas tree, see ya next December. I loved you. You brightened our evenings and your were an awesome motivation and help in the baby crawling department. 

Oh, shopping, how did I miss you. Our date yesterday was amazing. Spending Christmas money on clothes and shoes is one of the best therapies to cure the Christmas blues I feel each year. With my smiling baby in his stroller, my lovely friend (who is also my cousin and my twin sister…), a full of essentials diaper bag and perfect-for-shopping-flat-boots, we hit the mall. Oh H&M, I love you. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to find nice and affordable clothes when this store didn’t exist here. I remember going to Urban Outfitters but that’s about it. 

I bought cute ballerinas. 

A gorgeous deep blue dress. I’m in love. A shirt dress AND I found the nicest belt to add just a little touch to it. Some camis and pyjamas just because they are actually my best friends. Oh and some cute little things for my niece who’s going to be born in the next days! And I can’t tell ya what I found because hey, my sister-in-law is stalking here! ;-)

On my shopping list, there are still LOTS of things. If you have any idea where I can find nice ones, please share with me. I will browse Etsy for sure but it can be so time consuming. 

I need a camera strap, headbands (to keep my funky post-partum hair in some sort of control), a new pair of jeans (to fit my wider hips and still give me a nice silhouette), white t-shirts (you would think it’s easy to find but no – they are see through, too big, too small, too cheap, too expensive (really, $55?)…) and taupe flat boots. And a new scarf. 

Frack I hate when the paper case stays glued to my cake.

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